Peter Takács Plays Beethoven


Peter Takáacs

Takács' performances...are among the finest ever released. Takács' playing is clean, his expression subtle, his rhythms supple, his power unrivaled; furthermore, his understanding of Beethoven's methods and expressions is so profound that this set warrants the highest honors. Add to this Cambria's extraordinarily realistic DSD reproduction that captures every nuance of Takács' touch and the full range of the piano's timbres, and this lavish set can be understood to suit its musical subject matter most handsomely. Recommended as one of the finest Beethoven sonata cycles of any year. (Critic's Choice 2011)

[Takács'] playing sustains an astonishing level of accuracy through all 11 discs....[His] estimable achievement bids fair to compete for a place in the upper tiers [of complete Beethoven sets], with the unsurpassed sonics and extraordinary packaging a significant thumb on the scale.

American Record Guide (Critic's Choice 2011)

[Takács'] performances illuminate Beethoven's unpredictable and breathtaking journey from wizardly Classicist to transcendent risk-taker. The 11-CD set is a supreme achievement for Takacs and a gift to listeners who value artistic profundity.

Cleveland Plain Dealer (Critic's Choice 2011)

[S]plendid in every way....Takács' touch and voicing are unerring throughout the cycle. He brings an appropriate sense of wit, humor, tragedy, poignancy, relief or delight to individual movements while steering well clear of any distortions of expression or musical form...

Takács reveals qualities in these works that elevate them from piano pieces into musical narratives that engage the listener’s undivided attention and hold it beyond the very last note....Listening to these recordings aroused nostalgic remembrances of the wonderment and excitement of hearing these works for the first time.

Musically, the set is outstanding. Takács has the chops to bring off even the most technically challenging of the Sonatas. Whether the Moonlight’s Presto, the Hammerklavier’s nutty Fugue, or the accelerando challenges of the Appassionata, his technique is up to the demands. His touch on the Bosendorfer is wonderful.


Takács achieved in the Beethoven Sonata in E-flat major, Op. 7, enormous artistic and technical precision. In the three works by Frédéric Chopin, his fingers whisked over the keys, and Takács developed a wonderful romantic overall tone.

Rhein-Main-Presse (Germany)

This is enormously difficult music, and the composer is lucky to have found pianist Peter Takács. He approaches this repertoire not just with diligence, but with real interpretive insight.

High Fidelity

Peter Takács proved to be a marvelous pianist. His command of the instrument is outstanding. His emotional resources are lively and diverse. His musical intelligence is acute.

In the Beethoven Sonata Op. 101, a problematic work, Mr. Takács traced a persuasively detailed psychological scenario moving from introspection to cumulative exuberance. In Schumann’s “Davidsbündlertänze”, his handling of the transitions between sections, and of the elusive overall structure, was authoritative.

The New York Times

Peter Takács treated the piece (Beethoven Sonata in G major, Op. 31 No. 1) excellently. Its three movements were presented with flow, vigor, exquisite trills and elegant scales. Beethoven seemed to talk to us through the centuries. Frédéric Chopin’s Scherzo No. 3 is a powerful piece of music, and Takács allowed his fingers to handle the great chords with power and brilliance.

Helsingborg (Sweden) Dagblat

The concert’s high point was a performance of Bartók’s Out of Doors Suite by pianist Peter Takács. His admirable technical skills and unusually keen feeling for the composer’s expressionistic idioms helped him recreate each image in the piece, from the percussive dash of ‘With Drums and Pipes’ to the eerie trembling of ‘Night Music’.

The Washington Post

This was virtuosity in the most modern of terms. Mr. Takács is an excellent technician of obvious digital ease. His fingers are strong and fleet, virtually infallible in their accuracy. In its totality, his was a performance fresh and youthful, representing musicmaking of the highest order of intelligence and conviction.

The Baltimore Sun

Takács represents the best strain of today’s virtuoso pianists. Not only does his playing bespeak a formidable intelligence and limitless technique, but it also radiates a deep humanity, a mercurial spirit that waxes from passion to serenity with no small measure of wit mixed in.

Milwaukee Sentinel